‘The Two’, are here.

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We received the masters for “Obsession” and “A Simple Solution”, this morning … and Mr. Draper has weaved his magic again.

It’s sounding HUGE – and there’s  new facet to us that will definitely surprise.

All will be revealed, imminently …


New Tunes!

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… are imminent!
As is a new video.

AD ‘with a twist’, is coming very soon!


AD – Recording Studio February 24th, 2015.


It’s 2K15!

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Yeah, we know ; the site hasn’t been updated in over a year … but, suffice to say, whilst 2014 was a very quiet year for us, we still put ourselves ‘out there’ a little bit.

In fact, last year saw us play 3 gigs – the final one in November being a prestigious headlining slot at the now-sadly closed ‘The Jailhouse’, in Hereford.
Also, early 2K14 saw us release a ‘proper’ music video for a new tune, named “You’re Not Foolin’ Me” … and what made this vid and tune very special to us was the fact that all the proceeds from selling the mp3 at £1 each went to the Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse (RACPA) charity ; a very worthy cause that can never have too much support.
A link to the video is here – and a link to the AD charity ‘single’ can be found here.
Go check them both out!

… And as for this year?
Studio work (with a twist!) is coming in February, followed by lots of video-esque jiggery pokery, as well.
Ah yeah ; we say “HELL YEAH!!!!”


… and on September 7th …

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We’re honoured to be playing here! :




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A *NEW* AD tune was recorded, last week.
Two hours in The Doghouse, and we came up with this!


All in a night’s work …

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We had a very fun time at the Pig & Drum (Tone Monster Promotions) gig, last night. That was our 20th gig, since initially forming as purely a one-off studio band, in January of 2011 … and we had a great, sweat-addled time!
Many thanks goes to all that attended. Your support was much appreciated – and much kudos goes to GRINGO and Defy All Reason for riffin’ out a couple of awesome sets, also!


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We’re playing here TONIGHT!!!
Because of various trials and tribulations, this will be our first gig of 2013 … And we’re really lookin’ forward to it!
The mighty GRINGO, and the totally rawkin’ Defy All Reason are with us, too.

AD @ The Pig & Drum

AD @ The Pig & Drum