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An Announcement …

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We are a band that started pretty much by accident, in January of 2011 – and we’ve been having a huge amount of fun peddling our own brand of ‘attitudinal’ rock and roll, ever since … But now, in 2015, the time feels right to tell you all that … that …

… that we have someone that we’d like to introduce to you!


Mills and Al ; a solemn in-studio moment!

Yup ; we’re pretty damn stoked to say that as of right now, AMELIA DAVIS is now OFFICIALLY a part of Aeonian Dog! (Welcome to The Doghouse, Mills!)

And to celebrate, here’s another NEW tune for ya.
Here’s “Obsession” (free download), and we hope that you all enjoy the new chapter of AD as much as we’re going to!

Here’s a song for yahh!

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So here it is ; something new from AD.
“A Simple Solution”


AD Studio video for “A Simple Solution”.

Some would say that it wasn’t possible, but this tune ably indicates the fact that we are indeed evolving as a band.


Quarter Stone’s Amelia Davis (Mills!)

Granted, being the three noisy n’er-do-wells that we are, we’re still unmistakably the same outfit –  but this collaboration with Amelia Davis (Quarter Stone) has definitely enabled us to explore nuances that we were previously unable to. It’s opened up a whole new set of possibilities for us – and it’s something that we’re going to fully take advantage of on our upcoming album, “Evolution”.

We’re just knocked out with how well “A Simple Solution” has turned out. Our mighty producer, Dave Draper truly has once again brought out the best in us, and we think that this is our best stuff yet.

We have another song to share, in due time (“Obsession”) … but in the meantime, please click on the link at the top, and give this self-produced studio video a look and a listen.

Many thanks goes to you all for your time, patience and support. It’s very much appreciated!

‘The Two’, are here.

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We received the masters for “Obsession” and “A Simple Solution”, this morning … and Mr. Draper has weaved his magic again.

It’s sounding HUGE – and there’s  new facet to us that will definitely surprise.

All will be revealed, imminently …

New Tunes!

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… are imminent!
As is a new video.

AD ‘with a twist’, is coming very soon!


AD – Recording Studio February 24th, 2015.