02 – 2011 Shenanigans!

January 22nd – The ‘Dog was born!

February 19th – Recording Studio (@Undead Productions)

May 12th – Gig @ The Imperial, Hereford
May 20th – Gig @ The Bunker, Worcester
May 29th – Gig @ Mozstock, Herefordshire

Late June – Won (with 183 votes) the competition to be “July’s Featured Band Of The Month”, on the Herefordshire Band Directory website

July 16th – Recording Studio (@ Undead Productions)

August 6th – Gig @ The Queen’s Head, Redditch
August 30th – Recording Studio (@ Undead Productions)

September 2nd – Gig @ Velvet Lounge, Worcester
September 10th – Gig @ Sketchley’s Live, Worcester
September 19th – Charity gig @ How Caple Grange, Herefordshire

October 7th – Gig @ The Bunker, Worcester
October 8th – Gig @ The Swan Inn, Evesham
October 16th – airplay of the song “Miracle Man”, on The Volts Show

November 25th – Gig @ Base Studios, Stourbridge

various dates in December recording the “Tales From The Doghouse” EP (@ The Doghouse recording studio)

Blommer! - pic courtesy of Base Studios

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