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2012AD album review – iwillbeheard.co.uk
If you like your classic rock riffs and driving rhythms combined with an often catchy, melodic chorus and plenty of tongue-in-cheek, then look no further than Herefordshire’s Aeonian Dog (pronounced ee-oh-nee-un). This is unrefined and dirty, hard ’n heavy rock ‘n roll. It’s a sound that embodies the carefree, fun-time American hard rock attitude of the 80’s and mixes it with the less showy, grittier, solid restrain of classic British rock.

The album is full of very accessible and enjoyable songs that should inspire all but the most rhythmically inept to get up and dance or at the very least tap a foot with some gusto, and what’s more it’s a grower. So perhaps the vocals are a little thin and strained at times, but it doesn’t really matter as you’re soon past that and enjoying the fun light-hearted vibe, which is far more what this bands about.

From the first chords of the short instrumental opening title-track, through the whimsical duo of “Miracle Man” and “Pole Dance Fiend” and onward past “Kiss And Tell” the riffs keep coming. And into the albums second half they seem to get progressively stronger with “Trial By Fire”, “Get Down Stay Down” and “Nightmare” they attack with more precision and an unrelenting insistence to kick ass, right up until the finals echoes of the infectious sing-a-long chorus of “Stand Up (For Rock N Roll)”.

If you were to find yourselves lost amongst the remotest backwaters of North Herefordshire, if you were to listen as you approached the lights, you may be lucky and hear the familiar distorted growl of this hound – but beware if it draws you closer, as you may just get bitten by the Aeonian Dog.

Dave Yates

Dave Chipchase – Metal Gods Rock Show presenter

“I’m just listening to 2012AD the new album by Aeonian Dog and it’s a little belter … Absolutely loving it’s diversity of different styles … One of the best albums I’ve heard this year … “

The Mayfair Mall Zine Review – “Tales From The Doghouse” EP

“From deepest, darkest Herefordshire there’s a rumbling, a scorching mix of no holds barred Classic Rock rampaging it’s way to you, taking you on a journey to the land of old school Classic Heavy Rock.  Having heard these guys a few times on ‘The Metal Gods Show’ I just had to get me mucky mitts on this bands E.P.  It’s a three track scorcher that is to be appreciated and admired.

This three piece band are tight and very accomplished.  They launch into ‘Trial By Fire’ and it’s a boogying, devils horns to the sky, shaking your head number for you to get down to on a night of drinking and merriment.  Love the vocals … it’s instantly likeable and proper hard rock!

‘Kiss and Tell’ has a nice meandering solo and has vocalist Mart barking out the title.  It is very catchy and rocks your socks off, as this band of metal-heads rampage through your head.  They’ll have you straining your neck, fist pumping the air, shouting back at the band ‘Kiss and Tell’!

The last track ‘Poisonous’ slows the mood down a bit and is kind of anthemic with heartfelt  lyrics.  The song gathers an electric pace mid-way through and is a competent track to finish off this bands E.P.  Going by the bands website, this band are constantly touring, getting a great reputation on the live circuit and in case you hadn’t guessed, an all-out Rawk N’ Roll band who need to be heard and seen to be believed.  

To quote from their website … “Aeonian Dog are a high Energy, fun loving band” … I sincerely hope I get the chance one day to see Aeonian Dog live and so should you!  I am looking forward of the release of the album and check out the band on Facebook and the World Wide Web, then grab ahold  of a copy of ‘Tales from the Dog House’.”

Review by: Seb Di Gatto

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